DOCTORES CON LA ESPECIALIDAD EN MEDICINA DE FAMILIA para los centros de salud "out of hours" del HSE irlandés

27 de Noviembre de 2019

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Bologna Health Jobs are currently looking to recruit GPs or Family Medicine doctors for OOH surgeries in the South East. The period would be for the month of August and/or the Christmas period that would include the period from the 1st of December up until the 16th of January. The base would be the Carlow area.

1. Out of Hours Surgeries (OOHS):

Also known as co-op, they usually operate from a central venue, such as a local health centre or public hospital, with a car and driver provided. Patients can attend at the venue or home visits may be required. This isn't an A&E service, but a General Practice out of hour's service.

1.1 Located in the South East of Ireland working from a base they are the biggest supplier of OOH Surgeries in Ireland

- Salary: 70?/hour (Company setup), 60?/hour (employee setup) . The time table in this case is flexible with only 2-3 night shifts (red eyes)/month. 

- 40-50 hours work per week. Estimated monthly earnings: 14,000-15,000? (Ltd Company or umbrella setup).

- Relocation assitance will be provided by the agency to comply with the current quarantine period if necessary.

- Assistance for company setup will also be provided.

Basic Requirements:

- Doctors should preferably be qualified inside the European Union as a General Practitioner with EU citizenship and/or Stamp4. No Candidate without this requierement will be accepted by the Agency. No other requierment is necessary to practice as a GP in comparison with the UK where you will have to have some supervised practice before you can go into the Specialist Registrar.

Doctors with ample experience as a GP or Family medicine doctors who are not qualifed as such but have been practicing as a GP for many years in a European country and have experience and training in paediatrics, obstetrics&gynaecology, emergency department, psychiatry, etc. EU citizenship and/or stamp 4 also applies to this case. 

- If you were to be succedful for this placement you will also be placed in a panel for longer term positions if any become available.

- Irish/UK expereince is preferable although NOT essential.

- Irish Medica Council Registration at the moment of application is recomended but not a must as we can help you with the process of getting registered. 


- You will requiere a Medical Defense Coverage in place at the time you start your job. So it is advisable to already have signed up for this as the minimum period is of 1 year.


- The level of English should be at least a B2 level with the capacity to communicate and write correctly in English. No formal qualification is requiered for the moment.


All candidates who are interested should send a updated detailed CV in English to the following e-mail address: Extra and more precise information on the job places will be given once we receive the CVs.

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